Writing is Spiritual.

6 Steps to Smash Your Writerly Goals Masterclass

Ready to make sure you FINALLY hit that long-held writerly goal?

Join me for a masterclass on the EXACT 6 things you must have to go from floundering to flowing...and type THE END before your deadline.

This workshop will help you:
  • Name your goal
  • Understand your intention
  • Learn how to set up accountability
  • Sort out your schedule
  • Learn how to effectively reward yourself
  • Understand the writing process

Writing is Spiritual.

I believe that the biggest hurdles to living the writerly life of our dreams are simply constructs of our past – once we let go of the Shoulds and Maybes and Can’ts, we allow our true voice to gain strength.

Your Story is Important.

I believe in the value of each individual voice and finding a way to reach the audience who needs to hear it. I know that every.single.person has a beautiful story to share

A mentor who 'gets it.'

No matter the format in which you share your story (fiction or non, novel or screenplay, how-to manual or collection of poetry) I can help you harness the creative spark to see it evolve.

We believe in story.

We believe in the power of story to LIFT everyone up... to TRANSPORT us to another time and place.

When we’ve struggled in our own lives – with career decisions, marriage or relationship breakdowns or just generally feeling as if we didn’t know what the heck we were doing – it has been writing it out and reading the stories of others that has helped me to gain perspective, build connection and discover my own personal redemption.

Stories heal.

Not only are the stories we tell ourselves life changing…SHARING our stories with others can move minds, shape souls, shift the world in which we live.

Our purpose in life is to help you harness the power of sharing your story.

By helping YOU share your stories – whether fiction or non – we will hold the space for you to reconnect with the beauty and love within.

We want to see you…

  • find your TRUE VOICE
  • reconnect with your CORE OF LOVE
  • live your life with PASSION & PURPOSE

Writing a book is no joke.

It takes more than having the desperate wish for the words to go from your head to your hand (or keyboard). Join me for the 6 Steps Masterclass.


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6 Steps to Smash Your Writerly Goals Masterclass