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Writerly Flow: 5 Day Challenge

6th January - 10th January

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It's a long game.

Join us for 5 days of diving deep into your current writing practice and creating new habits that will set you up for long term success. Psssst… It’s FREE!

Perhaps you’re a new writer who had a great idea for a new story and once you started writing it, you lost your way. Or maybe you consider yourself a more experienced writer but, for whatever reason, you are stuck in your current project.

As a writing coach and literary agent, it breaks my heart to think about writers who are struggling to get their words out. I’ve helped hundreds of people reconnect with their passion for writing. I’ve also helped professional writers go from concept to completion and get their writing published.

So, if you’re ready to get everything back on track, I’d love to invite you to a 5 Day Challenge, where we will focus on:

  • Getting clear about your current idea
  • Why you’re ready to write THIS book
  • Your writing practice on a day-to-day basis
  • Identifying any missing puzzle pieces
  • Moving toward your real writerly success


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Each day you'll get:

A fact-filled email: An intro to the day’s topic and a prompt to remind you when I will be LIVE in the Facebook group to walk you through it. 

Free COACHING: The Facebook LIVE will expand on that topic and give you real-time coaching and workshops for wherever you are in the process. Trust me, this will be FUN!

An email link to the recorded LIVE: If you can’t join us for the Facebook Live, you can still get all the goodness. You’ll be surprised how often other writers ask the questions you’ve had brewing in the back of your mind!

A daily CHALLENGE: Each day I’ll be challenging you with a carefully chosen task to help you find your own writerly flow! And if finding the flow isn’t enough of a reason to participate, there will be PRIZES!

To go in the draw for PRIZES: From writerly swag (are you a stationery fiend like me?) to free consults and manuscript assessments, there are prizes for those who show up for themselves AND their writing. 

This program is based on years of experience, working both one on one and in groups with writers JUST LIKE YOU, getting them into the flow of writing! Here’s what a few of the many writers I’ve worked with say about working with me:


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"Having already written a memoir, a non-fiction book and my first two YA novels (which Anjanette sold), I wanted to write a book for women with themes of grief, romance and resilience. I had a couple of false-starts, and Anjanette was always in my corner, topping up my self-belief when I needed it. She’d always said that fiction can heal and, when the time was right, the book would flow. It took only a few short weeks when the idea ‘arrived’ and was extraordinarily cathartic to write. Anjanette knows the publishing business inside out, but she also understands self-doubt and self-belief— and how challenging it can be for a writer, even fifth time around. Her advice is invaluable to me. I owe her my recent career breakthrough as a novelist and I’m thrilled to recommend her to all and sundry!"

Emma Grey

"I was stuck! I’d written three complete books but I couldn’t work out how to edit them… I knew the mechanics, but I couldn’t start! Now I’ve got manuscripts being considered by three commissioning editors (so far) and that’s down to a one hour coaching call with Anjanette!"

Nina Campbell

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The 5 Day Writerly Challenge runs from
6th January to 10th January.