Anjanette is a mentor who 'gets it.'

Anjanette is a literary coach and agent who finally found her calling when she combined her passion for writing with her compulsion to help others find and honour their own voice. 

She believes that the biggest hurdles to living the writerly life of our dreams are simply constructs of our past – once we let go of the Shoulds and Maybes and Can’ts, we allow our true voice to gain strength. She believes in the value of each voice and finding a way to reach the audience who needs to hear it. But most of all, she knows that every.single.person has a beautiful story to share – and no matter the format (fiction or non, novel or screenplay, how-to manual or collection of poetry) she can help others harness the creative spark to see it evolve.

She believes true creativity is stifled by the classroom setting, open-critique style of many writing workshops and programs. She longed for writers to have a space where they could nurture the vulnerable, authentic parts of themselves that would allow access to their clearest voice and strongest stories, and so Writer's Flow was born.  

Anjanette Fennell has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Southern Oregon University and has been writing professionally for almost two decades, including copywriting, technical writing, non-fiction and freelance work with magazines, websites and small business. Shifting from creation to support, she found her true passion as a beta-reader, editor and, eventually, as a Literary Agent, assisting both debut and experienced authors in attaining book (or multi-book) deals for their manuscripts.

Growing up as a not-quite-typical California girl, Anjanette has also lived in the UK and Italy, but finally found her true home in Newcastle, Australia with her gorgeous husband and their blended family of four incredible boys and one little princess. She can’t get enough of reading (obviously!), walking, finding new fun ways to exercise without going to the gym and losing herself in music!

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