Reconnect With Your Writing Voice

When you are doing a lot of writing that is technical in nature, remember to reconnect with your individual writing voice.

Helping people reconnect with their writing voice is something I do quite often. Whether it’s for a corporation, government or academia, writing for someone else can make you feel like you’ve lost touch with your unique voice. I’m going to give you two tips to use today to get back into the writing that you are passionate about.

Create the space for your writing voice.

Don’t expect the muse to show up before you start your writing. Instead, create the space for the writing to come, even if you keep showing up and it doesn’t feel like it’s joining you. Create the space and persevere to get the writing to start flowing.

Chuck it out.

If you are reviving your individual writerly voice, chuck out all of the conditions around structure and story mapping. I want you to choose a scene that is highly charged emotionally, whether it’s a positive emotion (first love, success, or overcoming something) or it’s a negative one (conflict). Rather than worry about a lot of description, move directly into the action of a scene. Be present and write in first person to reclaim your voice, and get into the emotion. Get into the dialogue and avoid description, structure or mapping and focus on interaction and emotions.


Whether or not you think you’re attached to your writerly voice, give this a try. You may realize that things have felt a bit stale so go for a scene that is highly emotive, and dive in.

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