S2 Ep1 - Talking to Matthew Quick, author of We Are the Light & Silver Linings Playbook

Welcome to Season 2 of Writers Talking!!

This season we'll be diving even deeper into real conversations with writers you know well...and those who you might just be learning about for the first time.

In this episode, I chat with Matthew Quick, writer of novels and screenplays, best known for Silver Linings Playbook, which became and Oscar winning movie. After reading his latest book, We Are the Light, and hearing him talk in my book club, I knew I wanted to have a convo about his passion for Jungian analysis, how he moved past a writerly lull and so. much. more.

If you haven't already, grab a copy of his book We Are the Light (sure to be on my top reads of 2023) and check out all of his work via his website at https://www.matthewquickwriter.com