Are you feeling stuck in writerly paralysis?

Once upon a time, the words flowed easily and you felt almost overwhelmed with the compulsion to share *this* story...

But lately, it feels like a struggle. Each time you sit down to continue, you feel that squeeze of doubt - "What am I meant to be writing?"


"How can I move forward when I've forgotten how to do this?"


"I'm not sure what I want to say anymore...why did I even start this manuscript?"

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You didn't start writing only to half-ass your manuscript. You started writing because you have a story to tell. That story is still there, sometimes you just need some help getting the words on paper. Unlocking Writer's Block is a transformative mini-course where you'll get: 

  • Video lessons to get insight into where your writerly inspiration went off track (and how to get it back!)
  • A super helpful workbook to journal and record your discoveries as you go
  • Tools to keep the writing going, long after you get your current manuscript finished
  • Invaluable insights into your own writerly process that will help you for years to come


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Meet your Writing Coach

Anjanette Fennell

Literary Coach, Agent & Mentor

Anjanette found her calling when she combined her passion for writing with her compulsion to help others find and honour their own voice. She knows that every.single.person has a beautiful story to share – and no matter the format (fiction or non, novel or screenplay, how-to manual or collection of poetry) she can help others harness the creative spark to see it evolve.

Join Unlocking Writer's Block now for just $47


Anjanette has a very genuine, passionate interest in helping writers succeed through all stages of the writing process, no matter what it is they write. To say she is generous with her time is a gross understatement. From the moment I met her, I was motivated by her enthusiasm and energy.

Esme Wilmot


Honor yourself and your writing

Join Unlocking Writer's Block today and get ready to write your story to The End.

Join Unlocking Writer's Block for $47