6 Essentials to

Create Your Writerly Life

From plotting through publication, this masterclass will show you what you need to embrace (and let go of) so you can live the writerly life you dream of.

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Unlocking Writer's Block

Start breaking down blocks as soon as they pop up and reach your writerly flow in no time flat!

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Insight Session

Schedule an Insight Session to talk about anything you want. Structure, editing, technique... nothing off limits!

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Manuscript Appraisal

You've written your manuscript and you're just about ready to send it off... but now the butterflies start. Is it good enough?

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If community is what you have been looking for...


Writer's Flow is not just another program about craft.

You already know how to write. You've spent countless hours honing your craft and taking courses to get here.

Writer's Flow will undo years of hearing (and believing) your writing isn't good enough.

You are ready to unblock the road in front of you so you can finish that manuscript. 

You will get out of your own way by:

  • Setting your mindset up for success
  • Prepping to write the story you want to write
  • Mapping out basic plotting
  • Unlocking writer's block so you can stay in the writing flow, right to 'The End.'


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