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Do you keep putting the brakes on finishing your manuscript?

Do you long to feel connected to and in control of your writing process?

Are you ready to commit to yourself and your writerly craft like never before?

Writer's Flow DIY is for you if...
  • You are absolutely committed to finishing the manuscript you started forever ago.
  • You have a book you want to write, but you don't know where or how to start it.
  • You're tired of struggling with your writing and want to understand why sometimes the words flow and other times a simple sentence eludes you.
  • You want to build a sustainable and joyful writing practice.
  • You're ready to let go of the excuses that are holding you back.
What's included:
  • A 5-module online course (including 25 video tutorials with accompanying workbooks)
  • Exclusive opportunity to ask Anjanette 3 writerly questions (which she will answer via video)
  • Unlimited access to a growing online resource library of video Q&As 
  • Lifetime access to the current course modules and automatic access to any future course updates or bonus modules
  • Exclusive option to upgrade to the Live round (Writer's Flow Select) when it opens for enrollment, enabling you to join any future Live course groups!


Your Investment:

$397 USD
$135 USD/Month for 3 Months

"My experience with Anjanette was invaluable. Her coaching enabled me to complete a manuscript that was far better than I ever imagined it could be. For anyone thinking of working with Anjanette, they should know that she is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest, kind and patient. She can explain something in as many ways as you need her to until you understand And she’s funny. She also understands the human psyche, so she may figure out something about you before you do! Although the time spent with her always went by too fast, I was very fortunate to have been able to work with her one on one and have her in my corner during my writing process. I highly recommend working with Anjanette!"

Kim Tyser

"Writer's Flow helped me fill the gaps in my skill set but also gave me so much more. Looking at my mindset around writing was helpful. Discovering the what, why, and how of my story around writing helped me to move forward with my new project. In the process I discovered my real ‘why’ and learnt very practical writing skills. Getting clear on plotting, exploring my internal editor and learning to still that voice and just write was invaluable. Finding creative ways to develop characters was also fun and informative. As was injecting emotion into the story and learning how to show rather than tell. Overall a fun and informative course where I got to follow my intuition as well as learn practical writing skills. I loved it and it made me want to explore my writing more. It gave me the courage to branch out further with my writing. "

Bernardine Devine

"With Anjanette’s guidance, I began to write the novel, right away. She suggested an intuitive, iterative process of writing with the structure of the outline, whatever came to me to create the pieces of the story. I felt the output was almost unstoppable as the writing flowed very easily. Also, Anjanette insisted that I not show my work to anyone. That helped contain it and kept me focused and engaged in a way that I had never experienced before."

Michael Cullen

"Writer’s Flow has radically changed my relationship with my writing, freeing me to be more productive and to enjoy the process. Now that resistance is gone. It’s not just the writing that’s gotten easier, now I’m aware of all the work I do away from the computer that feeds my stories. I know that going for a walk by the river with my dog and letting scenes unfold is part of my flow. Talking to my character’s when I’m driving helps me understand them better. Listening to my body and respecting it’s need for exercise and sleep is critical. But most of all, I finally feel like a writer. Not because I’ve written books but because my relationship with story and love of language is no longer a battlefield but a central pillar of my life."


Writer's Flow is not a course about craft.

You already know how to write. You've spent countless hours honing your craft and taking courses to get here.

Writer's Flow will undo years of hearing (and believing) your writing isn't good enough.

You are ready to unblock the road in front of you so you can finish that manuscript. 

You will get out of your own way by:

  • Setting your mindset up for success
  • Prepping to write the story you want to write
  • Mapping out basic plotting
  • Unlocking writer's block so you can stay in the writing flow, right to 'The End.'
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Are you ready to bring your writing to the next level?

You'll have lifetime access to all this and so much more.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1: Get Your Mindset Right

- What are you writing?

- Why are you writing?

- How have you approached your writing before?

- What's your current story about writing?

Week 2: Prep to Write the Story You Want

- Curate your 'reference library' of writerly influence

- Which idea is the best fit NOW?

- Focus in on your real WHY

- Create the writing boundaries you need

Week 3: Basic Plotting

- Get clear on your intention

- 5 basic plot points

- Overlay plot on the story bell curve

- Set your arc for the 180-degree transformation

Week 4: Start Writing

- Jump into the story

- Make friends with your Internal Editor

- How to create more connection with characters

- Keep moving forward

Week 5: Keep Writing to the End

- Inject your real-time emotion

- How to show vs tell

- Tweak your story map to fit your discoveries

- Follow your intuition

"I signed up for Writer’s Flow because I wanted to feel connected to my writing, because I feel after a while I become overwhelmed and I need to fall in love with it again. I love the way the course is structured! Writer’s Flow feels less like a thing you can fail at and more like a mentor sitting with you, feeling your frustration and gently encouraging you, to show up for yourself as well as your writing. The course helps with real world problems like how to manage time and set up boundaries! Since I signed up, my writing is more consistent, I stay better connected to the plot and less likely to take a long detour. Anjanette doesn’t overwhelm you with too much academic stuff. It is like taking a break with a friend who is invested in your work!"

Raabia Zia

"I really wanted to finish the manuscript I’d been picking away at for a couple of years so I signed up for Writer’s Flow. The course has been a life-changer. If you tend to get stuck in your left brain, this course can really accelerate your writing while bringing back the joy of it. It helps identify your individual strengths and teaches you to work with them, rather than against them. It shows you how flourish as a writer, and helps you discover what works to keep you – specifically you – writing right to the end of your manuscript. The course gives you multiple flexible tools to work with, so you can utilise those that best suit you and the situation. Writer’s Flow isn’t specific to any writing genre. It’s for anyone who wants to write and – finally – finish their manuscript."

Karen G

Your Instructor, Anjanette Fennell

Anjanette Fennell has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Southern Oregon University and has been writing professionally for almost two decades, including copywriting, technical writing, non-fiction and freelance work with magazines, websites and small business. Shifting from creation to support, she found her true passion as a beta-reader, editor and, eventually, as a Literary Agent, assisting both debut and experienced authors in attaining book (or multi-book) deals for their manuscripts.

Growing up as a not-quite-typical California girl, Anjanette has also lived in the UK and Italy, but finally found her true home in Newcastle, Australia with her gorgeous husband and their blended family of four incredible boys and one little princess. She can’t get enough of reading (obviously!), walking, finding new fun ways to exercise without going to the gym and losing herself in music!

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